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 How did you cope with waiting while spell works?

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PostSubject: How did you cope with waiting while spell works?   Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:49 pm

I know that the answer to this would be to stay occupied and dont think about it, but for me, I'm on semi bed rest while recovering from surgery, so going out and smelling the roses in order to reduce my grief and stress is difficult. It's the hardest thing when you have so much on your mind when trying to reunite with an ex fiance. All your emotions just seem to hit at the same time and for me, I'd think I would have had my tears running out after being separated for six months, but the nightmare still seems fresh in my mind and heart.

I have faith and strength to fight the negative feelings, but sometimes the energy level while recovering from injury is low. Anyways, knowing that my case is in good hands is enough to keep me going...
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How did you cope with waiting while spell works?
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