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 Happy with the service

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PostSubject: Happy with the service   Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:24 am

I was desperate to get my ex boyfriend back he left me when i was 5months pregnant. I was devastated and didnt know what to do. One day i was browsing online and came across this site. So i checked it out and told my self what the heck it wont hurt me anyway if ill try the help of the spiritworld. I spoke to ML and she told me the process. Honestly shes still not finished with my case but i believe that everything will fall into place. Im happy with the madams services they chatted with me everyday if i have questions etc. ML & the other madams was so nice and friendly they took time to listen to my problems and gave me advice. Just in case the spell doesn't work at least i found someone to listen to me without judging me and telling that everything will be ok. I really do hope that me and my ex would get back together before the baby pops out. I have faith with the madams praying to the spirit world. They have been working with my for a month now. I also saw some progress with the ex. Atleast now he is talking with me. Really hoping that everything will be back to normal.
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Happy with the service
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