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 Ashra - The biggest scam on the internet

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PostSubject: Ashra - The biggest scam on the internet   Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:53 pm

Im dedicating my first actual post hear to tell my story about Ashra, the first encounter I had with buying a love spell online.

I contact Ashra about 3 years ago when my husband left after he was caught cheating with an office worker. I was destroyed, kicked him out and things were said. After the fact, I realized that our fights pushed him away and I wanted him back. I hired Ashra, and after 4 months and $3500, nothing. I went through money, grief and wrote dozens of e-mails, all of which went unanswered.

After awhile I caught on. Anytime I would ask her a question about possibly adding on to the spell, she would reply and try to sell me something else. Whenever I sent her an email asking for updates, nothing happened. It was very nerve racking and I finally simply gave up.

Steer clear of Ashra, it was one of the worst experiences I ever went through.
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Ashra - The biggest scam on the internet
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